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It’s an easy streamlined process that is GDPR and HIPPA Compliant. You grow your business with greater working capital!

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How it works


Review Documents

Sign NDA and Send Credit Request Form Online.


Accept T&Cs

Provide Proof of Service, client invoice with Bank Segregated Account.


Upload Documents

On Lenderwize Portal, we provide you with full Dashboard access in real time.


Receive Payments

Daily Payments, Insurance coverage, helps with collections and mitigates risks.

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For Mobile Operators, Telecom Wholesalers, Digital Merchants and DCB Aggregators

  • Lenderwize Contract
  • Credit Line
  • Insurance
  • Funding Contract
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  • Company documents
  • Personal ID

Increase your credit line

Post Pay us, and we’ll prepay your suppliers, giving you a positive cash flow.

We purchase CDRs & make daily payments

We purchase your Invoices and CDRs and pay you daily, giving you a positive cash flow.

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