Scuti and Lenderwize partner to enhance game developer revenues and cash flow

Scuti and lenderwize partner to enhance game developer revenues and cash flow


New York, NY — Scuti and Lenderwize announced a strategic alliance that allows game makers and vendors to access Lenderwize’s premier fintech platform to accelerate micro-transaction and advertising receivables payments.

The partnership will enable Scuti to offer the Lenderwize services to all game makers and vendors, allowing them access to immediate cash and flexible financing solutions. Through Lenderwize, game makers and vendors in the Scuti network can get paid for their outstanding gCommerce, in-game micro-transaction, and advertising revenues.

“Scuti was designed as a platform that benefits players, game makers and vendors alike”, said Nicholas Longano, CEO of Scuti, “We are excited to offer Lenderwize’s platform as a tool to help game makers with their cash flow needs. Using Lenderwize, game makers can now receive payments immediately rather than wait for the platform owners’ and ad platform standard payment terms of up to 60 days. Scuti connected game makers can now immediately get paid in advance against their revenues.”

Lenderwize provides embedded finance capabilities globally via a digital marketplace to help telecommunications companies gain access to working capital and is now expanding to help game developers solve their cash flow problems.

Lawrence Gilioli, CEO and co-founder of Lenderwize, said: “Lenderwize is extremely excited to partner with Scuti and help their partners and game makers with their cash flow needs by providing access to working capital tied up in the traditional invoicing process. Lenderwize has successfully provided clarity and funding in other difficult to understand markets and looks to do the same with Scuti and the Gaming ecosystem.”

Scuti’s rewarded marketplace was built to provide players with a universal shopping and rewards system within their video games. Players can earn rewards by shopping, leveling up, watching videos, or attending eSports events. Scuti helps vendors sell directly to players without intruding in their gameplay.  Scuti benefits all parties with the perfect trifecta, rewarding and retaining players, generating accretive revenues for game makers, and providing brands with a direct new sales and marketing channel.

About Scuti.AI LLC
Scuti is the pioneer in rewarded gCommerce, accessed through video games and metaverses connected to the Scuti Network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards, which can be redeemed for in-game virtual items, exchanged for native currency, or to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog.

Scuti was built by video game industry veterans from Blizzard, Epic, Zynga, EA and Microsoft Games Studio and is a portfolio company of Fasanara Capital group investment house. Fasanara Capital is a boutique alternative asset manager offering access to various inventive multi-asset capacity-constrained niche products. The fund manages approximately $3.0 billion in assets.

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About Lenderwize Ltd.
Lenderwize is the leading Fintech Funding platform, funding the digital economy. Lenderwize’s Patent Pending Platform mitigates risks for all parties and provides Working Capital to clients who get their invoices paid in days, instead of months.

Clients include Telecom Wholesale Operators in Voice, SMS, Data, Digital Content Suppliers, Direct Carrier Billing Aggregators, Video Streaming Providers, Digital Ads and others in the Gaming ecosystem.

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