Top 5 Secrets to Leveraging Growth Finance in Telecom

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Why a vertical funding solution solves cash flow issues

Every technology market goes through the exact same product cycle(s). Broad acceptance at the start of adoption, and then products mature into a more vertical approach. Growth Finance is no different. Finance has been around for many years and been used by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. And now, there are new and innovative platforms that are ideal for specific vertical markets.

Lenderwize’s founders come from the telecom Voice Wholesale market and they noticed a challenging opportunity with Tier 1 entities and their supply chain.  What some in the telecom industry do not realize is that growth financing  actually strengthens the supply chain.  By making cash flows  constant for the tier 2 players they can deliver more to their clients and increase margins.

Below are five industry secrets that few understand or know with regard to telecom growth financing:

  1. Fund your routes and increase your volume The Lenderwize platform is uniquely designed for the mismatch in the supply chain of Telecom providers. With the Lenderwize Growth Financing platform, you will have the cash flow to better fund your routes, expand into new routes, and increase your overall volume of calls.
  2. Get paid daily, pay your suppliers daily and make your terminating operator very happy The values to companies that implement and use the Lenderwize platform are numerous, but one of the main attributes is the ability to smooth out cash flows and pay your terminating operators daily.
  3. Pay your Terminator daily or weekly and get discounts to increase your gross margins Paying your Terminator on a daily or weekly basis has two growth effects for your supply chain;– Your Terminator has improved cash flows for growth and the ability to expand their capabilities in their respective territory– You should be able to obtain discounts from your Terminator and that will increase your gross margins and profitability
  4. Tier 1 Clients want continuity and quality; Payment mismatches can hamper your relationship If you cannot provide continuity of service, your client will leave you. Instead you can demonstrate to your Tier 1 clients that growth financing has strengthened both your and their supply chains.
  5. By eliminating cash flow issues and grow your Tier 1 sales by 500% All of our clients have increased their volumes thanks to our Growth Financing. One has increased volumes by 5 times, simply by exploiting the Growth Financing we offer and by funding the purchase of CDRs on a daily basis, ensuring that the Terminator keeps his circuits open to the satisfaction of the Tier1 client.

Continuous Innovation at Lenderwize

Our culture is built on innovation.  By reinventing a static financial service, that has been around for years, we have greatly aided both mid-sized and large companies that struggle with the mismatch in payments between the Tier 1 and its’ supply chain.

Find out how you can drive growth at your competitors expense with a Lenderwize partnership. You will see why progressive companies use the Lenderwize platform to their benefit. Contact us at